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Commercial Solar PV Electricity

Solar For Your Business

With Tax incentives covering up to 50% of your solar power system costs, there has never been a better time to go install solar.

A solar power system is one of the best business investments you can make, turning highly variable energy costs into a low, predictable operating expense. Today's corporate leaders are constantly challenged to reduce operating costs, increase efficiencies and develop strategies to achieve sustainability. Savvy commercial enterprises are embracing solar technology to create energy solutions that significantly offset their utility costs in the process.

But the advantages go beyond improving our customers' bottom line. Solar enables them to become virtually impervious to unknowable utility rate escalation, and perhaps just as important, helps them make a powerful statement about their corporate social responsibility.

According to this data from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the cost of electricity from California utility companies to business customers increased an average of 7% year over year during the last 30 years

Financing and Tax Initiatives Rebates

Although the environmental benefits alone make installing a solar power system one of the best things you can do as a good corporate citizen, the financial benefits are what makes going solar one of the best business investments you can make.

Business and home offices benefit directly from the 30% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit and 5 Year Accelerated Depreciation. Plus, in California, the installation costs of a solar energy system do not affect the assessed value of your property - and the purchase is exempt from sales tax.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 includes the best Federal Solar Tax incentives in the history of solar power. Customers can now achieve a payback on their solar investment in as little as six years with a combination of 30% Federal Tax Credits and available state rebates.

Federal Business Solar Energy Incentives

The incentives below may be available for businesses that invest in or purchase qualified solar energy equipment. They also apply to qualified home offices.

  • 30% Investment Tax Credit
  • 5-year Accelerated Capital Depreciation

The California Solar Initiative Rebates

The State of California offers substantial rebates for both large and small commercial solar electric installations. California Solar Initiative rebates vary according to system size, customer class, and performance and installation factors and can add up to as much as 50% of the total system cost when combined with the Federal Income Tax Credit.

The subsidies automatically decline in "steps" based on the volume of solar megawatts confirmed within each utility service territory. There are two incentive paths available to business and commercial customers.

  • Expected Performance-Based Buydown (EPBB): Owners of solar systems less than 50 kilowatt (kW) may apply for an up-front cash rebate known as the Expected Performance Based Buy down (EPBB). Program Administrators calculate a customer's rebate using the expected performance of the owner's system based on equipment ratings and installation factors such as geographic location, tilt, orientation and shading. Customers receive their incentive payment in a lump sum after their system in fully installed and interconnected. The payment usually covers 20 - 35% of the total cost of their solar system. Click here for more information.

  • Performance Based Incentive (PBI): Commercial or public sector customers with solar systems between 50 kW and 1 MW must apply for the Performance Based Incentive (PBI) structure. PBI incentives are a five-year stream of fixed monthly payments paid to the system owner and determined by the actual output of the system, The PBI usually covers over 30% of installation costs. Click here for more information.

After January 1, 2010, all systems greater than 30 kW must choose the Performance Based Incentive structure. The PBI incentive path is available at any time to ANY size system.

A SunWave Energy solar Design Consultant will assess which of the rebate structures is most beneficial to your business or commercial property. Once you go solar with SunWave, we will manage the entire paperwork process for you, so that you can focus on your business, not red tape.

Customized Financing

Special reduced rate commercial solar financing is available. Please contact SunWave Sales to learn more about the array of financing programs we have to keep your business cash flow positive and achieve payback as quickly as 5 years or less.

Reduced Operating Costs

When your business or commercial property goes solar, you can reduce or totally eliminate your monthly electric bills, providing you with instant, positive cash flow. You also protect yourself from increasing energy costs, which can be very important savings if energy costs currently represent a large chunk of your operating expenses.

Take the first step towards energy independence today and call SunWave Energy for Free Solar Evaluation. Financing, rebates, and tax credits cover up to 50% of your business' solar power system costs. Find out how you can lower energy bills by using clean, renewable electricity generated by the sun!

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