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Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

One of the most costly appliances in the average home is the water heating system. In many homes the water heating system can be the second highest energy cost.

Most of the time we don't think about this appliance because it is typically out of site out of mind, located in a garage or utility closet and we typically don't turn off the water heater when we get out of the shower.

Reducing your energy bill can start immediately and there are incentives available to help you.

Solar Water Heating Systems:

Reliable: Since the early 1900's home owners all over the world have been using solar water heating to provide their domestic water heating needs with little to no maintenance.

Simple: Nearly any home can be retrofitted with a solar water heating system to begin saving money and reducing carbon quickly. With most solar water heating systems there are very little to no moving parts.

Renewable: Once installed there is no fuel to fill up, no bill to pay and no resources to dig out of the ground to make it work. It just wakes up every morning and goes to sleep at night, for a really long time.

Affordable: Just like a home is a long term investment, solar water heating is a long term investment with an extremely lucrative return for it's owner. Just think every time the utility raises rates they are giving you more savings! Plus, to help you out the US Federal Government supplies a tax credit and many states supply rebates.

Hotter Water: Statistically, many home owners are told by nearly everyone from parents to handymen to turn down their water heater to save money. Many times people turn the water down too low. This results in reduced bacteria removal from dishes, counter tops, showers and can lead to infection or sickness. Wash in hot is your mom's rule. Solar Water heating will give you hotter, more sanitary water for free.

Tax Benefits & Rebates: Commercial properties and businesses may be able to take advantage of the 30% investment tax credit to help offset the actual net cost of their solar water heating system. The state of Florida also offers rebates and some local utilities and municipalities are even supporting the process by kicking in some money to help you buy your solar water heating system.

Save Money! The immediate reduction to your utility bill will immediately impact the amount that you pay, forever. For years people have tried to save money a number of different ways, buying a home, 401k, IRA or other investments but they still accept the idea of paying the bills.

With the tax incentives, state rebates and energy savings solar water heating systems more than pay for themselves very quickly.

If you are a business or building owner who uses a little, or a lot of water SunWave Energy offers a turnkey simple process to help you get started using solar immediately.