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Commercial Incentives

Zero Money Down for Commercial Solar Systems with California PACE Funding

Property Assessed Clean Energy or "PACE" programs, also commonly referred to as AB 811, are likely to become the nation's largest solar loan program. It was seeded with $16.5 million of stimulus funds, setting the stage for potentially hundreds of millions of dollars for small energy projects across California, including Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties.

This new solar funding source is now available for all commercial properties. This is a zero money down method to purchase a solar system. Commercial businesses can pay for solar and other energyefficiency improvements through an assessment on their property taxes.

"This program takes away the financial barrier for companies to invest in solar and still benefit from all the incentives. Bottom line is the financial pluses make this a no brainer." - John McAlpine of SunWave Energy

Federal Tax Credit of 30% of the TOTAL cost of any solar improvement

Your business will receive the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) of 30% of the total cost of your solar system in the first year of installation. If this tax credit is more than your tax, the credit rolls over to successive years to apply to the business tax liability. There are Federal depreciation credits on your solar purchase, as well.

State of California Tax Credits, Incentives

Your business will receive California State tax, depreciation and incentive credits, and rebates. Under the California State Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) program you will receive payment for the initial 5 years of power production of your solar system.

Free Offer

SunWave Energy will provide a site visit, solar design, Performance & Financial Analysis, and PACE funding application at no cost.

Bottom Line

For Zero Money Down your business will receive in the first year the 30% Tax Credit, all State Tax Credits and incentives, and, the Federal Bonus depreciation of 50%. In succeeding years your business is paid